I must start out this blog with a small disclaimer; This Episode of The Marcia and Manderly vs. Food Tour of Savannah is being eaten without Manderly. She is off in Germany somewhere with that Husband of hers getting hitched….AGAIN! But the show must go on and let’s face it, Marcia needs to EAT!

This month’s Marcia minus Manderly vs. Food Tour of Savannah will lead us through a journey of MEXICAN proportions! We are Getting Down at TEQUILA’S TOWN – Arriba!!

Some of you may ask, “WHY would you choose to write the Local Concierge Food Blog on a Mexican Restaurant when Savannah has so many other options to choose from?” The answer is actually very simple. I chose Tequila’s Town for this month’s feature because it’s the best Mexican Restaurant I’ve found in the Downtown Historic District, THAT’S WHY! (Geez you’re so nosy.)


Tequila’s Town is located at 109 Whitaker Street, 1 block West of Wright’s Square, seductively situated in a Historic 120 Year old building that is sandwiched between State St. and Broughton Street. (How did you like THAT for tempting?) Tequila’s Town has taken over the vacant space and added a little bit of VIDA to the neighborhood.

How did I discover this little gem? A friend of mine knows the bartender Oliver, so he suggested we try it out. Lucky me, and thank you to my friend Josh because I am super excited that I found this great new spot to eat. The Restaurant’s modern décor and bright colors give me a French Bistro feel but since Tequila’s Town is taking it UP a NOTCH from your typical Cantina, the concept totally works. We quickly grabbed a seat at the bar which has been stocked with over 30 brands of Premium Tequilas and I met Oliver, who was a great asset to my experience. We asked Oliver to make us his best Top Shelf Margaritas because we all know you can’t have Mexican Food without Margaritas, DUH. They have a great happy hour of 2 For 1 Frozen or On the Rocks Margaritas but I’m glad we did the upgrade to the Top Shelf.

One of my favorite things about Mexican Restaurants is the endless supply of Chips and Salsa that they bestow upon you immediately upon sitting down. The chips at Tequila’s Town were fresh and the salsa had just the right balance of spice and acid, so we are getting off to a good start. As I started to review the menu, my eyes stopped cold when I saw the words “Ceviche” under Appetizers. Ceviche is one of MY FAVORITE all time Latin Dishes and for you GRINGOS out there who don’t know what it is, I will try to explain, (although you really just need to try it for yourself.) Ceviche is made from Shrimp or Fresh, White Fish which is marinated in a mixture of Cilantro, Lime Juice, spices & toppings of your choice. The acidity of the Lime Juice cooks the raw fish to perfection as sits in the juices and the result is a delicious Cold Seafood Salsa. The Ceviche at Tequila’s Town was only $7.00 and it came out only 5 minutes after we placed the order, with MORE chips. It was my first time having onions and green bell peppers in my Ceviche, but it is the best that I’ve tasted in Savannah, hands down.

***On a Side Note; the Ceviche was SO Good that it made me totally overlook the fact that Tequila’s Town offers table side Guacamole Service, meaning they make your fresh Guacamole right in front of you! We had a table next to us that ordered and I said, “How did I Miss THAT?!!” – I’ll be back for that one though, for sure.


After the Ceviche, we asked Oliver lavarock.jpgto tell us what the most popular entrée was and he told us to go for the “Molcajete” to Split between the two of us. It is $13 on the menu and consists of a BIG BOWL, described as “Lava Rock,” which is filled with Asada Steak, Shrimp and Chicken simmered in a Ranchero Sauce and topped with melted Oaxaca Cheese, similar to Mozzarella. BE CAREFUL, when they say Lava Rock, they ain’t just whistling Dixie – this dish is served HOT! HOT! HOT!

***HINT: We dipped some of the meat and sauce out onto our smaller plates to help it cool down to where we could actually take a bite. Definitely take out all of the shrimp from the bowl when it comes to the table because the heat of the ranchero sauce will continue to cook the meat at the table. It makes the shrimp overdone but cooks the steak and chicken to perfection. Served with warm tortillas, it was the perfect meal to split between two people. However, if I can be honest, I was still thinking of the Ceviche during the whole meal.As we ate, I reviewed the menu of Mexican and Tex-Mex Favorites and took note of the dishes that I can’t wait to come back to try like the Tamal De Veracruz and the Mollets. Tequila’s Town has a full Bar Menu which includes one of my favorite Brazilian Cocktails, the Caipirinha along with a great selection of Argentinean Wines and Mexican Beers (and did I already mention the over 30 Premium Tequilas?) They also have a terrific Lunch Menu with combinations starting at $6 Monday-Friday from 11a-3p.

Don’t miss the exciting events taking place at Tequila’s Town including their upcoming “Dia de Los Muertos” (Day of the Dead) celebration on November 1-2 and their “Noches De Navidad” (Christmas Nights) Celebration December 20-24.

Based on our original Marcia & Manderly vs. Food Scoring System of M&Ms instead of Stars, I give Tequila’s Town 4 M&Ms!! I would give them a Full 5 but I still need Manderly to weigh in but I feel that the 5th M&M award is in their near future.

For More Information and for a full Calendar of Events, visit the Tequila’s Town website at or give ’em a call at 912-236-3222.

CHOW for NOW Y’all!