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10 Essential Places to Eat in Savannah | Savannah Dream Vacations

Elizabeth on 37th

(105 E 37th St. DRESS CODE! Open 7 Days 6:00pm to 9:00 pm)

Elizabeth on 37th is probably the very fanciest fine dining restaurant in Savannah.

Opened in 1981 by Elizabeth & Michael Terry, the restaurant occupies a 1900’s
mansion in the Thomas Square neighborhood of Savannah.

The restaurant only serves dinner, so Executive Chef Kelly Yambor and her staff have the entirety of each day to prep locally sourced produce, seafood, and home grown herbs and edible flowers harvested from the garden on site.

If you’re thinking about popping the question, Elizabeth on 37th is the restaurant in Savannah
where you might do so.
As such; Dress is not formal but dressy casual or business casual.
Ties and jackets are not required for gentlemen.

The setting is formal.
Gentlemen are to wear coats and ties, ladies should wear a dress or suitable attire (pants are okay for ladies, it IS 2022 after all).
Jeans, golf shirts, or shorts of any kind are prohibited.
Blazers, ties, and khakis are okay.

The menu is seasonal, and the dishes are presented as art.
Anything you order will be excellent, but some examples include Breaded Mussells, Ranch Crusted Pepper Beef Tenderloin,
Flounder, and Goat Cheese Flan, Scallops with Tuna Tartare, and of course Oysters and Filet Mignon.


Named one of the Top 40 Restaurants in America by Forbes,
and in the Top 25 Restaurants in America by Food & Wine Magazine, Elizabeth on 37th is a truly special place.

Yahoo Travel was so impressed with the mansion, the food, and the service, that they named
the historic Savannah fine dining restaurant among the Top 10 Dreamy Dining Destinations in America.

The list of awards Chef Yambor and the owners have received is too long to fully report here, but suffice it to say,
Savannah locals and the international press all agree: Elizabeth on 37th is true can’t miss Savannah dining.

10 Essential Places to Eat in Savannah | Savannah Dream Vacations

The Olde Pink House

(23 Abercorn St. Open SUN & MON 5pm to 10:30pm, TUES – SAT 11am – 10:30pm)

The Olde Pink House is another Historic District restaurant, and is Essential Savannah fine dining.

Located on Reynolds square in a colonial mansion
built in 1771, the building is called the “Pink House” because of the pink stucco covering the old brick.

Originally built for James Habersham Jr, the eldest son of one of Savannah’s most important “founding families”,
there are many reports that he never left after his death in 1799.
From 1812 to 1865, the mansion became the Planter’s Bank and the First Bank of Georgia.

The building survived the fire of 1796, and was so beautiful and historic,
that it was one of the first buildings in Savannah to be renovated.

Offering one of the most romantic dining experiences in Savannah, locals and tourists alike eat at The Olde Pink House.
The food is fantastic and the service impeccable.

Blackened Oysters, Pulled Pork, and Mac and Cheese Poppers make up the Reynolds Square Platter, which is excellent.
Or try the Caramelized Vidalia Onion and Sweet Potato Ravioli with Pecan Cream Sauce.

The Olde Pink House Main Dining Room is elegant, and if you’re under-dressed,
or looking for something more laid back, dine instead at the Planter’s Tavern, downstairs.


Sitting in the tavern in the cellar of the Olde Pink House, it could be any year your mind wants it to be.

1771? 1871? 1971? Sure.
The low lighting, the dark wooden bar, and the exposed aged brick walls lend an air of relaxation and sophistication that rubs off on you.
Come at the right time, and the piano might be manned by an incredible pianist who claims to be a former roommate of Liberace.

The ambiance is incredible, and the Planter’s Tavern offers the Pink House’s full menu.