Unity MLK 5K and Music Festival

Published Feb 1, 2017

I found myself headed to the weekly Forsyth Community Farmer’s Market this past Saturday, in search of some fresh veggies for a Quiche. My brother had recently gifted me some fresh duck eggs from their backyard farm, and I was excited to try them in a quiche. I noticed as a turned onto Waldburg to park that all the parking was taken. Finally parking a few blocks away, my tiny dog, Bandit and I made our way to the Park.As the weather was a balmy 77 degrees, I thought everyone just shared my craving for the sun after a week of unusual cold in the low country. Though as festive music wafted down the street to greet me, I realized something else was happening along with my favorite Farmer’s Market.( I promise I will describe the market in a later blog.) I inquired what all the celebration was for and discovered I had stumbled into the 4th annual Unity 5 K and Music Festival.


This family friendly charity event includes a 5k, a mile walk in the park, and informational health fair as well as a diverse lineup of local musicians. With moon bounces and food vendors this Unity event attracts a wide variety of Savannah natives, students and tourists alike for a fun day in the park. All proceeds from the event goes to a local non profit called Blessings in a Book Bag. Started in 2011, by local radio DJ, Lady Mahogany. The group is committed to making sure local school children have proper nutrition on weekends by providing a book bag full of non perishable food for children ( and their families)who are in need. They have helped over 3,500 families in Chatham County over the years. They have also expanded their services to include after school programs to help with homework and many other services.The goal is to give Savannah’s school children the basics needed to succeed and excel in school no matter the background.

The 5 K kicks off by a huge inflatable start/ finish line near the Fountain ,meanders through Downtown and ends by the main stage pavilion ;where awards are given. There are also dance competitions featuring local dance squads and a pageant.Then the music begins. Featuring a variety of music that offers. a little something for every taste, from local rapper Flau’ jae to rock fan favorite, the Cusses’. I found this joyous event brings our diverse local community together in a great celebration with all benefits going to the next generation.Surely a great tribute to our native son Martin Luther King’s legacy to have such a vast array of backgrounds and walks of life gather on a lawn and laugh together in the beautiful winter sunshine.

Bandit and I enjoyed the festivities for about an hour, basking on blanket, watching kids chase each other with bubble wands. Then we gathered all of our ingredients for our quiche( fresh spinach, fresh peppers, and some locally sourced bacon) and walked back to our car. We passed some the properties we,Savannah Dream Vacations,rent,wishing we were staying there and didn’t have to drive back to Thunderbolt.We arrived home and I proceeded to chop the ingredients, whisk the eggs, and preheat the oven. All the while we thought how amazing it is that one person’s vision and dedication brought the whole community together to feed our local children. Thank you, Lady Mahogany for a bringing Unity to our community and hope for future generations. I pulled the perfectly fluffy Quiche from the oven, and enjoyed the end result of a day off well spent in a City that never ceases to surprise me.