Weekend in Savannah: E Waldburg House Savannah Dream Vacations

There are 52 weekends in a year. A weekend in Savannah is a great way get the most out of yours! History, parks, squares, shopping, nightlife: it’s all here, and it’s all around the E Waldburg House.

Savannah Dream Vacations gave us our pick for a recent Savannah getaway weekend, and we were delighted by the 506/508 E Waldburg Street vacation rental.

Nightlife in Savannah: Made in Savannah!

The nightlife scene in Savannah has always been hot: to-go cups, tons of bars and clubs, and 80-degree midnights! Visitors to downtown Savannah at night are presented with live music, taverns, restaurants, nightclubs, and lively crowds in practically every section of town North of Gaston St. Savannah has always been friendlier to night-time entertainment than […]

Savannah Book Festival

February 11 – 14 The 2016 Savannah Book Festival will be turning heads as well as pages on President’s Day Weekend as it invites book lovers of all ages to celebrate the written word and how it can improve our human experience. The Savannah Book Festival will take place in and around the Landmark Historic […]