Surviving Hurricane Matthew 2016 

Published Oct 25, 2016

As you may have heard Savannah got hit pretty hard by Hurricane Matthew last week. It’s not often that Savannah gets hit by a hurricane but when it does we are always as prepared and cautious as possible, and it was because of this that all of our visitors and friends got out safely and efficiently. There was unprecedented flash flooding, fallen trees and a sizable amount of damage done to the houses of our beautiful city, especially the ones along the barrier islands. We, at Savannah Dream Vacation, were very lucky to have our properties mostly untouched. Unfortunately our Isle of Hope Retreat, located on the beautiful barrier island the the retreat is named for, got damaged by a fallen tree. We’ve been working fervently to restore the home to it’s former glory and it should up and running and ready for visitors in no time.

Surviving Hurricane Matthew 2016 | Savannah Dream VacationsWhat happened in Savannah and all up and down the cost is an absolute tragedy. But one of the most beautiful things about Savannah is it’s incredible community of helpers and neighbors. We are always in awe of how fast everyone comes together in Savannah to lend a helping hand in times of need. Year round, Savannah is one of the most hospitable places in the country (what can we say, they don’t call i20161009_135157t Southern Hospitality for nothing) but it’s during these times that we see truly how hospitable and charming the people of Savannah are. Right now- all over the city you can see home owners, neighbors and good samaritans working tirelessly to get the last of the damage fixed up and our magnificent neighborhoods back to their beautiful and timeless condition.

We are very happy that Hurricane season is winding down and there are no more storm threats in sight. From our traditional oyster roasts (oyster season is upon us!) to the special ghost tours surrounding Halloween, fall is one of the best times to experience some of the finer and festive things Savannah has to offer. We look forward to everything getting back to it’s normal and glowing condition as the next week presses on and hope to see y’all very soon!