Historic Savannah vacation rentals are what Savannah Dream Vacations specializes in, which I already knew. But when I found out about the “newest” addition to their collection of homes, the Stathopoulos House, I couldn’t wait to see it, and hopefully, get a chance to stay there.

The Stathopoulos House is old. Very old… it was built in 1872!

Imagining all the Savannah history that the Stathopoulos House has seen pass by, from its perch on the corner of Abercorn and Oglethorpe Streets, I jumped at the chance to experience living in the 150 year old home: if only for a night!

Approaching the home, the first thing you notice is the striking presence the building has, proudly standing three stories tall. Upon opening the door, as you enter the Stathopoulos House, you are greeted by a grand staircase, and we were impressed by the high ceilings and hardwood floors.

The main level of the house has floor-to-ceiling windows throughout, creating a bright, cheery, feeling that invites you to explore the other rooms, and feel at home. To the left we found a large eat-in kitchen with modern appliances and appointments, as well as a doorway leading to the private courtyard and a deck in the rear of the home.

The very large den has two couches facing a large wall-mounted flat screen TV with tons of HD cable channels. The giant windows look out onto Abercorn or Oglethorpe Streets, and to the archway entrance to the famous Colonial Cemetery right across the street.

Continuing through the open pocket doors, we were stoked to find a high-end pool table in the Billard/Games room, as well as a competition dart board. A full bathroom at the end of the hall rounds out the main living level.

Walking up the stairs, we noticed that they just don’t build homes like this anymore. The stairs are wide and sturdy, with not so much as a creak as we made our way to the bedroom level.

Upstairs, there are two over-sized bedrooms, with huge windows. A third smaller room has a futon, and there is a full bathroom on the floor, as well as a washer and dryer.

Each of the bedrooms in the vacation rental have great views of downtown Savannah!

Stathopoulos House | Savannah Vacation Rental | Savannah Dream Vacations

The Stathopoulous House Experience

Having fully explored the house, we were excited to have a fun afternoon exploring the area. The Stathopoulos House is super convenient to the entire Savannah Landmark Historic District: you’re right on the corner of Abercorn and Oglethorpe!

Walking to Broughton Street took 2 minutes. From Broughton Street to River Street, was another 2 minutes. We explored River Street, and popped in to The Chart House for happy hour, then off to dinner at Olympia Cafe for an excellent dinner of authentic Greek food.

Making our way back to the Stathopoulos House was a quick five minute walk through beautiful downtown Savannah at night. We took a detour up Bull Street to see the cathedral at night, and snapped this super cool picture:

Olympia Cafe has the best greek food in Savannah!


We stopped into the Parker’s Market right around the corner, and grabbed a bottle of wine, and some snacks for a quiet evening in our 150 year old Savannah vacation rental.

The pool table and dart board was a big hit with our local friends, a couple, who stopped by! The sound system in the games room is high quality, and we played countless rounds of pool in our couple versus couple tournament.

The floor-to-ceiling windows open up to a balcony that runs nearly the length of the building, looking out onto Abercorn Street below, and the Colonial Cemetery across the street. Sitting at the bistro table outside, enjoying a glass of wine with friends under the Savannah moonlight, is something you never forget. I wished I could pause time, and enjoy the moment forever.

But time is an ever flowing river (shout out to Universal’s Jurassic Park!), and it was eventually time for bed.

If you’ve ever stayed with Savannah Dream Vacations before, you know that the beds all have extremely fine linens. The Stathopoulos House also has brand new beds, and the King sized bed in the master suite was super comfortable. The area around the Stathopoulos House was surprisingly quiet at night; or maybe they built houses with better sound insulation in 1872…

Stay at The Stathopoulos House

After making a full breakfast in the kitchen, we ate on the front porch at yet another bistro table, watching the hustle and bustle of the city. I kinda felt sorry for everyone who wasn’t me, sitting for breakfast on the porch of an impressive historic house. Some of the looks from the passers by signaled that most agreed with my assessment.

After we left, we realized that we had – never once – used our car, needed it, or even thought about it. We were surrounded by everything we could have needed or wanted, and never walked further than five minutes.

The feeling you get staying in this vacation rental, is that you are part of Savannah’s living history. Looking out the huge windows of the home, you feel connected to the city. When I got back home, I really felt like something was missing from my modern, suburban life. I may not be able to afford to live in the Stathopoulos House full-time, but I can certainly afford to stay there again, and I will, many more times.

If you have the opportunity, you should jump at the chance to stay at the Stathopoulos House. The people at Savannah Dream Vacations went out of their way to make my stay at the historic Savannah home as perfect as possible. I know they’ll do the same for you.

For about the cost of a hotel, you can experience living in a real part of Savannah’s history. Instead of being crammed in to a hotel room, you can spread out and lounge in a full house- the Stathopoulos House even has a pool table!

So if you read this, and want to enjoy staying in one of the best vacation rentals in Savannah, book now, and use coupon code 1872HOUSE for a discount on your stay in the Stathopoulos House. If you stay once, I’m sure you’ll feel as I did, and want to come back again, and again!

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