The nightlife scene in Savannah has always been hot in demand: generally due to the to-go cups, tons of bars, clubs, and of course, the 80-degree midnights!

Whenever visitors go downtown for Savannah’s nightlife. They are presented with live music, taverns, restaurants, nightclubs, and lively crowds in practically every section of town North of Gaston St.

Savannah has always been friendlier to night-time entertainment than many other cities. Bars close at 3 am, and bar-hoppers can order a drink and take it with them anywhere in the “celebration district.” Try that in Charleston, Macon, or Jacksonville, and see how far you get! But a recent change to Georgia law has made it possible for two newcomers to make a big entry to the scene in Savannah.

Looking for something a bit out of the ordinary? The Service Brewing Company is significantly different.

Service Brewing Company 574 Indian St.

Open Wed, Thurs 4 – 9 pm, Fri 12 –10 pm, Sat 12 – 10 pm, Sun 12;30 – 5;30 pm

This is such a neat place! Located in a renovated warehouse along the Savannah River, next to the historic River Street. Service Brewing Company is a micro-brewery and bar with recurring events.

As the name suggests, Service is committed to those who’ve devoted themselves to the service of country and community. It is owned by West Point graduate and former army officer Kevin Ryan and his wife, Meredith Sutton.

The public areas of Service Brewing Company are wide, open, airy, and in fact, modern. The owners have, in fact, uniquely re-purposed shipping containers for the bar area, which is the focal point inside. The Saturday evening we were there, a bluegrass band was playing, and there was a very good crowd.

The selection of beers is extensive and easy to understand. We tried a Blueberry Pilsner and a Mocha Frappucino Porter, which tasted exactly like an alcoholic coffee! But for those with less adventurous tastes, Service Brewing has less exotic flavors, all of which are excellent.

The front of the house has bar seating, table seating, couches, board games, darts, and an outdoor hang-out area. Check out the “How Do You Serve?” chalkboard to see the stories of other customers.

But the action is in the back of the house. Service is a full-functioning brewery, after all, and the stainless-steel vats and equipment on site are impressive and overwhelming. It’s here that the R & D arm works on experimental brews, seasonal batches, and year-round production beers, which you can enjoy at the bar or buy at our local grocery stores in Savannah.

Out back, are the Brewery Bees, housed in a small apiary. Service Brewing takes cuttings of the honeycombs produced by the “Brewery Bees” to create a totally original house yeast strain.

Equally important, a portion of every sale goes to charities that support U.S. veterans, police, and firefighters. Look for Service Brewing Company beers next time you’re searching for something new!