New Eatery Atlantic Brings the Goods

Published Jan 26, 2017

We get requests for dining recommendations constantly. It’s often a fun subject, and I love to talk about where to eat. So, when a new restaurant comes around, we’ve got to try it.

Here in Savannah, food is an intrinsic part of the culture and an important part of overall tourism for the city. Like make restaurants here, we try to cater to our guests tastes as much as we can. But what if a restaurant could offer more than just a couple good bites? This idea is behind the success of some of the city’s most acclaimed eateries.

Which brings me to my visit to the two-month-old establishment Atlantic. Situated on the small corner of Drayton and Victory, Atlantic happily (and correctly) boasts providing guests an experience. The owner, Jason Restivo, told me he wanted Atlantic to be a place where guests can “capture the moment”. He accomplishes this by offering more than just delicious food. Many things make dining at Atlantic a valuable experience.

The atmosphere is alluring, elegant, and best of all, approachable. The stunning outside patio dining area is complete with striking fire blowing heaters and a community fire pit. There’s a smoker on the patio, which the kitchen uses to smoke their homemade kielbasa and pastrami, and it will have your mouth watering before you even ask for a table. No reservations here, but you will be comfortable in the bar area or outside while you wait.

The staff is friendly, welcoming (not always the same thing), passionate and knowledgeable. Creating conversations between the staff and guest, I’ve found, is priceless when it comes to getting service right. Restivo is in it with them. He stresses the importance of the work being a family affair. He’s running plates, busing plates, pouring wine and helping guests. The effect of ‘all in’ provides the proof for friendly and attentive service.

Our expert bartender Cody, asked my wife and I for our names, and he was our friend immediately. He offered perfect recommendations and information with passion and skill. My cocktail, the Century, was one of the most refreshing and well balanced cocktails ever. The house-made dried fig syrup, mint, lemon and bourbon concoction is a wonderful play on the Mint Julep and rightly better. This paired excellently with our homemade smoked kielbasa with Horseradish Crème.

The menu is flexible and I love that. The menu is also affordable and I love that. As a concierge, it can be hard to suggest restaurants for guests with certain dietary needs, but Atlantic fits the bill for vegans, vegetarians and those with other specifications, without them having to feel marginalized to order off the menu.

Our larger items arrived and we were happily met with a plate of beef satay with coconut rice which was an endlessly flavorful dish and a homemade smoked pastrami sandwich with dijonnaise on house made rye bread. The sandwich was a night maker! The bread was so fresh and doughy and the pastrami was smoky and savory in the best ways. Everything paired nicely with our wine, thanks to our pal Cody, making selections from their unique, yet, comprehensive wine list.

They outsource dessert, but ours was an exceptional butterscotch pot-de-crème. I’m sorry did I say exceptional? I meant extraordinary-you-have-to-go-get-some-right-now.

When you’re done, grab a night-cap and enjoy the fit pit outside with some new friends. Talk, unwind, sip, in the only-in-Savannah way. You’ll be thankful for the full experience you just had, choosing from their wonderful selection of good wholesome food and drink.

Atlantic is located at 102 East Victory Drive. Learn more at