Weekend in Savannah: E Waldburg House Savannah Dream Vacations

There are 52 weekends in a year. A weekend in Savannah is a great way get the most out of yours! History, parks, squares, shopping, nightlife: it’s all here, and it’s all around the E Waldburg House.

Savannah Dream Vacations gave us our pick for a recent Savannah getaway weekend, and we were delighted by the 506/508 E Waldburg Street vacation rental.

Nightlife in Savannah 2018: Made in Savannah!

The nightlife scene in Savannah has always been hot: to-go cups, tons of bars and clubs, and 80 degree midnights! Visitors to downtown Savannah at night are presented with live music, taverns, restaurants, nightclubs, and lively crowds in practically every section of town North of Gaston St. Savannah has always been friendlier to night-time entertainment […]

6 Unique Things to Do in Savannah

6 Unique Things to Do in Savannah | Savannah Dream Vacations

Everybody knows there’s lots of things to do in Savannah! But for the vacationer to Savannah that’s been here a few times and wants to try something new, we’ve put together this list of six unique things to do in Savannah that you probably haven’t done before! Drive a Tank in Savannah Did you know […]

The Stathopoulos House: Smack Dab in the Middle of Savannah’s Historic District!

  Historic Savannah vacation rentals are what Savannah Dream Vacations specializes in, which I already knew. But when I found out about the “newest” addition to their collection of homes, the Stathopoulos House, I couldn’t wait to see it, and hopefully, get a chance to stay there. The Stathopoulos House is old. Very old… it […]